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ExerGamer for Kids!

1 in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese. 60% of overweight children will be become overweight adults. Kids are spending vast amounts of time in front of a screen of some sort. And to make matters worse, gym classes are being eliminated across the country.- Rick, Y Choi. MD” We say these things, and we see  these things and think how sad it is that the population is becoming this way and yet no one is really doing anything about it. Parents wish their children would stop playing video games so much and go outside, children wish their parents would just leave them alone.

Well parents, here’s some advice. You can’t just tell your kids to do something, they’re not always going to listen, that’s just how they are. Kids, here’s your advice, your parents are going to nag you, they’re going to yell at you, they’re going to try to make you listen to them. Well, get over it, that’s their job just like it’s your job to give them a hard time. That’s how the parent-child relationship works. But if you’re tired of arguing and fighting over what you both think is best, then the only solution left is compromise.

Parents want their kids to be healthy, and kids don’t really care, they just want to have fun using the easiest way possible which most of the time happens to be through video games. So what the parents need to do, if they don’t want their kids to argue, is find a middle ground; something that’s healthy and that the kids will have fun doing without thinking about how they are actually exercising. Obesity has been a problem for years so it saddens me that it’s taken us so long to find that middle ground when it wasn’t that difficult to come up with. We have the Wii, and the new Xbox 360 and Ps3 motion features now, which are great to keep kids and parents active but they aren’t solely for exercise.

There’s a new device out now called ExerGamer and it is designed to be the true middle ground for video games and exercising. With ExerGamer you are the mouse, if you want to move your player you have to move your body, it’s the only way to win. So parents and children, find your middle ground and start exercising with your video games. Slow down obesity, try ExerGamer and see the difference.

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